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Discover Quality Coffee Roasters 

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LionCr15 Coffee Roaster Spoon



Discover Quality Coffee Roasters and live Coffee Roasting Passion with Fabrica Roasters

You will love our user-friendly coffee roasters.

Our control panel with instinctive controls will only help you adapt to your coffee roasting.

Its strong body and perfect consistency in coffee roasting will make your coffees much more delicious.

Maintenance is extremely easy with the cyclones of our coffee roasting machines with large husk storage capacity and high coffee husk collect performance.

The entire system offers high-level engineering capability with minimal maintenance and easy cleaning solutions so you can focus just on roasting.

Your Coffee Roasting Passion will reach

a new level with Fabrica Roasters.

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How We Work

Superior, Stylish and Efficient Coffee Roaster Design

First Class Workmanship and Components

Always investing in innovation and development since 1995

Perfect Service and Support

Fabrica Roasters'
Quality, Elegance and Technology Touches the Roasting Passion

Get to Know Us

Fabrica Roasters has been combining high-level craftsmanship and technology by listening only to coffee roasting experts since 1995

And we share our Roasting Passion with coffee lovers with our functional and efficient Roasters designs.

Roasted Coffee
100% Efficiency

Long-term trouble-free use and consistent and constant power are offered as standard.

Attractive Design

With its stylish and efficient design, roasting coffee turns into a passion.

Perfect Workmanship

Mastery is very important in a completely handcrafted Coffee Roaster.

We offer a coffee roasting machine that is carefully manufactured and tested at every stage.

Best Quality

We use only premium brands and equipment that are best in class and last long.
This way, you can focus on roasting coffee with pleasure for years to come.

Innovation and Technology

Our focus is on efficiency and customer demands.
That's why we always follow technology and respond to customers' requests.

24/7 service and support

Fabrica Roasters Family is always with you, we are with you 24/7 with our WhatsApp service.

How We Manufacturing?

Some Components and Collaborations

Fabrica Roasters premium quality equipment collaborations-3
Atmospheric burner system of Coffee Roasters-2
Coffee Roasting Software-2
Coffee Roasting Software
Fabrica Roasters premium quality equipment collaborations-2
Atmospheric burner system of Coffee Roasters-3
Atmospheric burner system of Coffee Roaster
Coffee Roaster Machine pressure gauge equipment
Fabrica Roasters premium quality equipment collaborations-2

Xoco Cafe (Germany)

I thank Fabrica Roasters for their interest and support. They responded quickly to all my requests. After all, I am proud of my new machine.

If Up North Cafe (Egland)

I needed a new production plan and facility. Fabrica Roasters offered solutions. Now I have increased my capacity. And I work much more efficiently. Thanks Fabrica Roasters.

Bono Coffee (Canada)

I produce much easier and safer with my new machine. I am very pleased with the roasting time. Also thank you for the discount Fabrica Roasters Machine.

Let's Turnthe CoffeesThat Make the WorldBeautiful into GreatTastes Together

LionCr15_15kg drum capacity coffee roasters
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Would you like to order or learn more? Just contact us.

Mansuroğlu, İzmir TR, 286/3. Sk. no:14/b, 35535 Bayraklı/ İzmir /Türkiye


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