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LionCr15 - 15kg Drum Capacity Coffee Roasters

LionCr15 coffe roasting
LionCr15_15kg drum capacity coffee roasters

LionCr15 roasts coffee perfectly for you.

Even though LionCr15 is shop type, it has everything you need to start industrial production with it.

  • Perfect roasting from 3kg to 15kg (max.18kg).

  • 72kg/hr Roasting Capacity

  • Versatile and flexible with production capacity.

  • Powerful Heating System (Atmospheric Burner / Premix Burner / Hot Air Heating )

  • Sturdy and Extra Thick Steel Material, 800kg weight


A great step into entering Large Scale Coffee Roaster
It creates efficient coffee roasting results for your business with its perfect roasting and flexibility in capacity.

Batch Size

Maximum 18 kg Drum Capacity,

Minimum 3 kg coffee roasting.

Cooling of Roasted Beans

Fast Cooling,  Cooling Mixer and Cooling Fan Speed Control

Electric Voltage Compitable

Single Phase, 110-220-230-240V

Three Phase, 380-415V

Heating of Drum

Propane/Natural/Butane Gas

Atmospheric Burner / Premix Burner / Hot Air Heating

Double Wall Drum

13mm Drum Thickness
Special Steel Drum

Touch Panel Automatic Roasting

Automatic Coffee Roasting
Automatic Profile Repeat
Also Artisan and Cropters Connect


4 engines,
Roasting and cooling at the same time

Speed Control

Drum Rotation Speed Control
Exhaust fan (AirFlow) Speed Control


CE Certificate
ISO Quality

UL Certificate

LionCr15-1_15kg roasters_800

Let's Take A Closer LookLionCr15 Coffee Roaster

LionCr15 coffe roasting2_600

%100 Handmade

All our machines are handmade with high quality steel and materials and top class craftsmanship.

Cyclone Included

Thanks to its special and efficient cyclone structure, you collect the coffee husks with 100% performance.

Robust / Strong

Ideal for years of trouble-free use and growing your business with confidence.

Nonstop Roasting

You can also empty the cyclone shell tank while continuing to roast coffee. Nonstop coffee roasting!

Flexible Capacity

LionCr15 supports you with its large capacity and production flexibility.

Minimum Operating Cost

You work with high efficiency,  and reduce your operating costs.

High Efficiency

It has the ability to roast in 10-15minutes.You can roast coffee and cool the roasted coffee at the same time

Roasting Passion

Let’s start roasting with LionCr15 for delicious coffee!

LionCr15 Coffee Roasters Features

Exceptional Quality

General View

Batch Size
3kg- max.18kg

Heating Type

Propane/Natural/Butane Gas

Atmospheric Burner / Premix Burner / Hot Air Heating


CE Certificate
ISO Quality

UL Certificate


Operating Tempature

0 - 250 degrees Celcius

(32 - 482 degrees Fahrenheit)

Heating Power 170.000 btu/h

Roasting Time

Light Roasting Time / Capacity kg/hr 
10-12 minute 108 – 90 kg/hr
Dark Roasting Time / Capacity kg/hr
12-15 minute    90 – 72 kg/hr


Height 220cm
Width 130cm
Length 2400cm

Chimney Outlet Dimension 150mm

Weight 800kg