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Fabrica Coffee Roasters Machine - Coffee Roasting

Güncelleme tarihi: 21 Nis 2020

Today I will tell you about coffee roasting processes in general.

Coffee Roasting

In the explanations below, information is given about various roasting methods and values. These values may vary depending on the characteristics of the product and the desired roasting darkness.

You can use these values when you start using the machine. Then, you can develop your own recipes according to the characteristics of the product you are roasting and the desired roasting density.

In the Coffee Roasting Machine, the drum is heated with heat and the coffee inside the drum is heated and roasted. It is suitable for roasting coffee in large masses according to the machine capacity. It offers energy saving. it is easy to use. The general roasting process is entirely up to the choice of the roasting master. Roasting is completed in 10 - 25 minutes and at 180 - 250 ° C.


As a result of the coffee roasting process, the moisture in the green coffee bean is largely evaporated.

Volumetric Change

With the effect of heat, the oils and sugars inside the coffee bean come out. Therefore, the roasted bean grows in volume and surface area. This increases the interaction of water and coffee during brewing.


The water in the green core constitutes approximately 12-25% of the weight in the core. When the roasting process is over, the weight of the coffee beans decreases by 12-25%.


Green beans turn yellow in the first few minutes. It then goes towards light brown, brown and black with the effect of temperature and time.


As the coffee is roasted, the oil in it appears on the surface. The bean where you see oil on the outer surface are very roasted.

There are basically three different types of coffee roasting. These are light, medium and dark roasting. The original names and colors of the roasting varieties are as follows.

Cinnamon – Light City – Medium – Full City – Dark – Italian – French

Light Roasting

It is a roasting at temperatures between 180-205 ° C. The roasting of the coffee bean is stopped just before the first click sound that is heard during its expansion by losing water. If the roasted kernel has fruity and floral aromas, you can get all the rich flavors with the roasting done in this way. As you continue to roast the coffee and increase the temperature, rich flavors will become monotonous, leaving its place to more bitter flavors.

Medium Roasting

It is the preferred roasting method at temperatures between 210 - 220 ° C. It terminates before the second click sound. In this method, roasted beans have aroma, acidity and taste balance.

Dark Roasting

It is a roaster made by rising to 240 - 250 ° C. Dark roast is ideal for those who want to feel dark flavors and coffee oils. It is often used in espresso blends.

Ask anything about Coffee Roasting and our machines. Let us offer you our special services with our informative articles specially prepared for you. We want to share our Coffee Passion with you.

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